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When do you want it ?”

“I don’t see any reason to put it off, are you available tonight?”

“May I bring some Grey Goose ?”

“Grey Goose ! Wow, We are going to have a ball ! Grey Goose… Free Gay Porn – Gay. “Oh, fuck! That is good!” she gasp, switching from ball stimulation to engulfing his dick
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Our captors removed themselves from our bodies and untied the bonding’s which had restrained us both during the ordeal, we were then lead outside & down to the swimming pool where unceremoniously we were thrown into the water to wash the sperm & sweat off our bodies, I immediately swam over to Jan and wrapped my arms around her asking if she was hurt in any way, (no only my pride) she quipped, Steve handed Laura and I a glass of wine suggesting we join Shane and Simon on the lounge, I asked where Jan was and Steve suggested that she was in Laura’s bedroom lying down having a rest and that we shouldn’t disturb her for a while; I found watching the photos flashing on the TV interesting & exciting with my wife the main centre of attraction, the wine was sliding down real easy, after my second glass I was totally relaxed whilst out the corner of my eye I noticed that Shane & Simon also found the photo’s exciting, they had started kissing and fondling each others cocks, mean while Steve returned with yet another glass of wine for both Laura and I

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I think Max’s knees were getting a little sore so he decided to change up the positions, To clean up the three of us jumped back in the pool for a little bit

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