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I stopped by the kitchen to grab a bite before movie time A nova princesa do.

“I’m gonna cum in your little sinner’s mouth little bitch
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I will never say this to my mom or brother but to be honest, i never really liked Aunt Angie, she was always nice to me, don’t get me wrong
I just don’t really trust her
she always seems to get her way,
I don’t know if she plans on moving out any time soon, but ever since she moved in i was feeling less and less at home, I took a deep breath before coming inside the house, i just drove for 2 hours from my college and i guess it wasn’t enough time for me to get ready, one more second should do it
I moved my hands through my long blonde hair and i opened the door

It’s not like i lived it up in college, i wasn’t a party girl or anything, but with my father gone the only reason for me to come home is my mom, it’s also nice to see my brother, but we never really talk anymore, i guess we just grow up and stopped liking the same things

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It tasted sooo good, Her pussy was so tight and hott and her breasts were just soooooo beautiful that she had wanted to touch them but she couldn't

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