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Sex Pussy The Art Porn – Jessicadaydream And Partner Ass To Mouth In The Fast Food Store

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Just as he had expected, no one was in the bedroom at this time of the evening, and he was just about to say so when out of the bathroom came Miranda Fortune, dressed in only her bra and panties! “My god,” Dan breathed, “she's fantastic, look at those boobs!!!” Beth was staring at the images coming onto the screen, and she got her own shock when Reverend Fortune followed Miranda out of the bathroom, wearing only his birthday suit, and his cock sticking straight up in the air! “Mmmmmm, he's hung really nice,” offered Beth softly, “I wonder if she's going to fuck him!?!” A few seconds later she got her answer, and instead of fucking her, Miranda Fortune was on her knees sucking her husband big fat cock!!! Dan turned up the volume on the sound, and with the hyper sensitive mike he had installed, you could hear the slurping sounds emanating from Miranda's mouth! By now Beth had removed her clothing and had settled back on the pillow with her right hand playing with her pussy, as this was what she loved the most, masturbating while watching strangers fuck! A deep moan escaped from Reverend Fortune's throat, and in what was not exactly polite speech, he begged his wife to suck him off and swallow his cum! Seconds later, Miranda's mouth moved faster up and down the thick shaft until her mouth was being flooded with her husbands goo!!! “Jesus Randi,” he groaned, “you do that better than anyone I've ever had!!!” Standing up, her mouth still full of his cum, Miranda gave her husband a deep kiss, letting his jism run into his own mouth! When they finally broke away, she whispered into his ear, “Fuck me now, I've been a bad girl, and only your cock can make do penance!!!”

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THE END, Fortune replied, “my husband is a minister, and he leaves all of this kind of thing to me, he is much to busy at church to be bothered with the running of the household!!!” Dan stared at her for a second, thinking to himself that never in his thirty seven years had he ever seen a pastor's wife that looked anything like Miranda Fortune! Dan quickly came back to reality and proceeded to go over the details of the system he thought would take care of protecting their home

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